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August 15-19, 2022

Zoomerang Vacation Bible School

Did you know that kangaroos never stop growing? Or that koalas sleep for up to 20 hours a day? Or that
there is an island in Australia called Christmas Island?

Join us at Carpenter’s Church for our 2022 Zoomerang VBS, where we will be exploring the beauty of
Australia – from the Great Barrier reef to the Eucalyptus Forests to the Outback – as we explore the
uniqueness and worth of each of us in Jesus!


At Zoomerang we will be doing crafts, science experiments,
games, snacks and lunch, and learning about our identities in Jesus everyday while exploring the amazing
scenery and animals of Australia!


Better get a wriggle on and sign up your anklebiters because it’s going
to be a fair dinkum time!

For more information, please email Danae or try her at 1-306-370-3103.

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2) Registration is FULL

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